Pocket Minders.... Say What ?

So, what is a Pocket Minder ?

Well, a sweet lady was telling me the story of how her husband used to keep a 'pocket reminder' with him at all times.  And, how he would pass them out to friends and clients to keep.  Each time you would reach into your pocket for something you would pull out this small coin sized 'reminder' and think of the person that gave it to you, or read an inspirational message. 

But, that's a 'Pocket Reminder' you say.  Ok, technically it's a Reminder.  But my friend coined the phrase 'Pocket Minders', so Pocket Minders they shall be :)

What a great idea !  Inspirational to people.  Not that hard to make..... So... I started with a few simple designs that I thought would be fun for people to have or give to friends.  A dog Pocket Reminder for dog lovers, a cat for cat lovers, etc......  A bumble bee :)  ... check out the store to see what is available online.  Visit my booth at a show for even more designs. 

I made a special 'melting clock' one for a friend because he's such a huge Salvador Dali fan.  He loved it, but unfortunately it was lost.  So, I made him another.  This time though I made it so that he could string it up and wear it as a necklace.  He's not much of the kind of guy that wears jewelry, but it reminds him of someone that's special to him  so he never takes it off.  And, that design has been requested by a number of other people so I think I'll add them to the product line.

To test them out I made a few dozen of the designs mentioned before and took them to shows.  People seemed to really like them, especially at the price point that they're offered at.  What I discovered was that most people really liked the idea of stringing them up for necklaces to wear rather than keeping them in their pockets.  That kind of makes them 'Necklace Reminders' I guess, but I love the 'Pocket Minder' moniker so I'm keeping it at that for the entire line.

Oddest request for a pocket minder ?  A bat.  Hmmmm....  should I make a bat :)

Some people have asked for beads to be added to make the necklaces a bit more decorative.  So, I'll probably add beads as an option in the future.

A final note on design.  The pocket minders have been traditionally round and coin shaped for keeping in the pocket.  But now that they're evolving into necklaces and pendant I"ve decided to expand the design a bit to make a slightly upscale version that will include beads and/or stones.  And add different shapes like a heart shape or oval shaped stoneware piece.

So that is what a Pocket Minder is.  A reminder.  An inspiration.  A memory.  Give one to a friend or just keep one for yourself.  What better way to present a reminder than in the warmth of a high fired clay stone.


See our Pocket Minders current selections :


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