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Featured Artist....


In the past I've posted Featured Artists that are professionals that I've met over the years.  I recently met a young lady who isn't a professional but showed me some of the pieces that she's working on.  I love the joy in her voice when describing her work and her process, and I really liked the lines and motion in her work.  My new Feature artist is..... Caroline Clark

Caroline Clark

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In The Home

The Bumble Bee Pottery Brand...

My handmade functional pottery is created from clay, then high-fired to (1240 C / 2264 F) where the clay becomes vitrified. When clay is highfired it goes through a chemical change similar to stone, dense, and watertight.  I mix my own glazes to insure all ingredients are food safe and lead free, and my pottery is microwave and dishwasher safe.

High-fired stoneware pottery is extremely durable for normal usage and when handled with the care.  Stoneware is durable, you should be able to enjoy your pottery for many years to come.

On The Table... (works in progress)