Friends and Affiliated Sites

While Bumble Bee Pottery is my bread and butter, every artist likes to let loose and create wonderful pieces of art.  Please visit my Pottery By Helene page to see sculptural pieces as well as more functional work.


Wanna see some Wild and Wonderful teapots and other pieces, check out some of my pieces that are on pinterest




My friends, my mentors Don and Louise are wonderful jewelers, craftsmen and artists.   Visit their site at Kingfisher Designs and take a look and see if you love their work as much as I do :


Paintings your cup of tea ?  My very good friend Rick Anderson is a highly skilled and very accomplished artist.   Click the link below to visit Ricks Page


Need some essential oils for your oil diffuser ?  Please visit our friends page at Young Living Essential Oils for professional sales and service.


A wonderful metal artist from the Great Northwest state of Washington. Mary Ellen makes beautiful jewelry and very intricate metal boxes. 

Mary Ellen O'Connor



Other sites coming soon :

the girl from st louis page

cathy talbot

cindy miller

caron gallery page

george Ohr museum page

the oxford museum