Bumble Bee Pottery

YEAH !  The new site is up and running !!!  Why Bumble Bee Pottery ?  I've been thinking about building a site for sometime that would be only for functional works such as mugs, pitchers, platters, etc...  while at the same time having my potterybyhelene site more focused on sculptural work.  The whole art vs pay the bills kinda thing :) 

But why Bumble Bee ?  Well, it's a play on words of "Just Be You".  I loved the thought of something as simple as a small hard working pollinator being in the name of the new online shop, so there it was.  The bumble bee :)

I hope everyone that visits my site will find the love and time put into each and every piece.  It's functional pottery, yes.  But each piece is laboriously hand formed, glazed and fired in my studio.  Nothing mass produced here.  

I hope that if you purchase one of my mugs that you'll feel the pure weightiness and warmth of high fired clay.  It adds a wonderful experience to the morning cup a joe. 

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  • Gayle Simpson on

    Purchased 3 necklaces. They are well balanced and fit my wife exactly where she likes. Excellent items for the grand girls Christmas. We now proudly have Ten items created by Helene enjoying them all.

  • Charles Buster on

    Thanks for explaining the name. I knew your creative mind would come up with a name that would suit you and mean something to you. I cannot imagine anyone coming up with that but you. I totally love it.

  • Gay Kelly on

    Good Luck with Bumble Bee Pottery. I aspire to have one of each of your mugs soon. I’m almost there and they are really fun to collect if someone is looking to collect a product they can use and worth the money.

  • Frank Ruggiero on

    You just like bumble bees because they pollinate your beloved blueberries. Nice idea, best of luck !

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