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Hello BumbleBeePottery -  Let  me help your store !!!

Do you constantly get those type of emails from companies that you've never heard of ?  They want to turn my store into a multi-million dollar site without even knowing I'm a one person shop that's already producing as quickly as I can.

At first I just let these emails go, sent to trash folder.  But then I thought, "these people can help my store".  I no longer trash them,  I hit REPLY  :


Thank you for reaching out to me in an unsolicited email and offering to help my online store.  While I can't purchase your product at this time you can still fulfill your desire to help my online store by visiting it and purchasing a piece of functional pottery or better yet, a piece of art !

Go to and select items such as a sculpture (these are all original one of a kind pieces), a unique teapot such as the ones that I've placed in collectors homes across the country, or just a hand crafted mug that I've personally designed.  Yes, you too can own a Helene Fielder ceramic piece in a wide range of prices, functionality or stunning beauty.  How exciting is that !!!!

I look forward to seeing which piece you choose to purchase.  I'll check back with you early next week to make sure that your order goes through.  If you're having trouble deciding just send me your billing information and I'll be happy to select a piece for you.

I would also like to say that when YOU help my online store by purchasing a piece that costs over $5,000 that I will ship it for FREE. I can tell by your email that you are eager to help my store so please, act QUICKLY.

Wow !  I appreciate your support and I'm very excited about your purchase.  You really can help grow my business !!!!

Again, thank you for helping my online store.

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