Sea Turtle oil diffuser clay pendant
Sea Turtle oil diffuser clay pendant
BumbleBee Pottery

Sea Turtle oil diffuser clay pendant

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* Handmade
* 2 3/16" x 1 1/8" Sea Turtle Focal Bead pendent
* 1.5 mm nylon black cording
* 30" long cording that you can adjust smaller if you choose
* High-Fired durable focal bead
* Terracotta oil excepting accent bead

Choose the scent you want and add a drop of pure essential oil to the terracotta oil accepting beads. Oil should be fully absorbed before using. As long as the oil is completely absorbed it will not stain clothing when worn.

My essential oil pendants have low fire accent terracotta beads that accept your favorite oil, but the focal bead is a high-fired stoneware bead that is durable and creates a richer texture and glaze.

The terracotta accent bead is porous clay that will soak up your essential oil and then disperse essential oils into the air or skin. One drop of undiluted oil is usually all that is needed at a time. A small amount will saturate the bead. Only apply 1-2 drops of oil for bead longevity. Over-oiling can clog the bead.

To change to a different oil wait till the original scent has evaporated, usually two to three days. Some oils blend nicely so that applying second oil on the top of the first will be fine.

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