Artwork by Kimberly Fox

Kimberly Fox

    Kimberly Fox is a self taught artist and a Nashville native.  For twenty years, she accepted individual commissions and specialized in murals and faux finishes for luxury home owners.  While very thankful to be in high demand, in 2011, she climbed down off the ladder, locked the studio door and started work on the current collection of magic realism.  She still accepts many commissions, especially if collectors bribe her with sushi and dark chocolate.

    Her current work combines the still life oil painting techniques of the Old Masters against dramatic landscapes as well as abstract backgrounds of metallic plasters and acrylic.  Still life and nature subjects float above these backdrops interweaving the designs of the created world with the man-made one. Combining nature with the simplicity of objects from our everyday lives, both mundane and rare, expresses a pursuit of beauty in our smallest moments. The focus is a study of how these objects and settings enhance each other, in the way of peanut butter and jelly.  Or wine and cheese. Or sushi and dark chocolate.

    Kimberly’s favorite interests are travel and spicy food.  If you want to get on her good side, send her plane tickets to somewhere with a beach., a good book recommendation or a good recipe.  She listens to audio books while she paints and loves all types of literature. Her studio is also frequently filled with 90’s grunge music.  She only dances to it when no one is home to laugh at her.