Artwork by Frank Ruggiero

Frank Ruggiero

Color without borders and line without volume. That is what I learned about art directly, through nature while rock climbing and mountaineering. For many years those pursuits were my life, a life I especially cherished in the frozen wilderness of winter.


The mountain sky in winter includes the violence of wind, snow and cold to the purest pastels ever seen when dusk quietly arrives with cold that is difficult to imagine.

Cloudy days in snow, high in the mountains, means confusion, frustration and much stumbling as the sky and snow merge with no shadows whatsoever and the total lack of depth perception.
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I needed to stay with stone when my alpine days were over so I began the great adventure of cutting jewelry stone primarily from the American west. After 35 years I focused on my desire to make beads and pendants from stones that inspire me and only delineated by simple shapes and the highest level of skill. I endeavor to let the stone speak for itself as the most important lesson I learned during my time in the wilderness was humility, how small we are in the face of such great beauty.

Stonework by Frank Ruggiero